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A few words about us

Founded in 1974, Polasa Company has established a recycling industry for the first time in Iran. In 1983, he re-equipped the factory with modern machinery and technology transfer and began to manufacture all automotive parts and home appliances.

In 2001, the company strengthened the process by reinforcing its strong engineering cadre, and in 2004, taking advantage of world-class technology and streamlining processes, went into zero-defective production. In 2005, with the development of its laboratory and obtaining the approval of Itrak tests, LPG and CNG began to discuss research and development.

quality steel Manufacture

In 2008, he received the Certification of Partner Laboratory Certification from the Standard Bureau. In 2008, Polasa Company started its first production line of four-wheel-drive auto parts with the approval of Sazeh Gostar, Sapco and Bahman Group and was able to take a long step towards self-sufficiency.

Sapco (Iran Khodro) and Sazeh Gostar Saipara has and is one of the reputable companies, cooperating in the automotive parts collection and collection industries.

Providing Reliable Steel Fabrication

The company has expanded its product range to design new products such as assemblies and rubber parts in accordance with international standards and based on customer order by press, injection, extruder with polymer base:

NR, NBR, NBR / PVC, H.NBR, ACM, FKM, ECO, EPDM, EVA, CR, CSM, SILLICON has paid attention and is currently one of the most prestigious manufacturers in the industry in the field of automotive CNG system.

Our General Business principles

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Modern Equipment

Poolasa uses the latest and most modern devices for factory production

Qualified Staff

All employees, engineers and engineers of Polasa are experts in their field.

Best Solutions

All Poolasa engineers and executives have tried their best to provide the best and most efficient methods.

Our history

Establishment of Poolasa and its first national success

Poolasa Company was established in 1975 on a land with an area of 11,000 square meters and for the first time in the country established the industry of recycling worn rubber parts.

Re-equipping the plant with modern machinery

In 1984, with the re-equipment of the factory with modern machinery and technology transfer, it started to manufacture all automotive parts and home appliances.

We are recognized as the leading ruber fabricator

In 2005, with the development of his laboratory and the approval of the Itrack tests, he became involved in research and development in LPG and CNG.

Celebrating the 45th anniversary of Poolasa’s establishment

In 2008, Polasa Company launched a continuous production line of four-layer car fuel components for the first time with the approval of Sazeh Gostar, Sapco and Bahman Group

Our clients